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Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Dog Fences

What is DOG GUARD® electric fencing?

Dog Guard Out of Sight Fencing is an electric dog fence system that is installed underground by burying a single wire as a complete loop along the entire perimeter of your property. This underground boundary can also include certain portions of your yard, such as a pool or garden. Your dog is safely contained within your yard with the boundaries you are comfortable with.

How does DOG GUARD® pet containment work?

First, a transmitter is installed in a convenient location, such as the garage or basement. Then, the wire loop is placed underground. The transmitter sends a harmless radio signal through the wire, which is picked up by the small receiver on the dog’s collar. When the dog nears the wire, the receiver in the pet’s collar picks up the signal and gives off the owner’s choice of an audible warning or mild correction.

Is it cruel to correct my dog all the time?

The correction has been thoroughly tested and proven to be harmless. It is a mild static pulsation, similar to a shock from a doorknob, yet unpleasant enough that the dog will quickly learn to avoid it. The whole purpose of a good pet containment system is to contain your pet without correcting him all the time. The Dog Guard system along with the training your pet receives ensures that your pet learns the boundary and stays away from it. Most pets will never sustain more than two or three corrections. Remember the level of correction must be greater than the level of distraction.

How does the electric dog training system work?

The boundary is marked off with flags, creating a visible boundary line for the pet. For two weeks, the dog owner should spend fifteen minutes, twice daily, exercising the dog around the flag boundary. If the dog moves toward the flags, he should be told “NO!” The dog should then be moved away from the flags and given lots of praise. By using this technique, the dog will quickly learn where the boundary is located. Later, once the dog becomes familiar with the visible boundary, the flags can be removed. Remember, praise and repetition are the keys to success!

Can I take my dog for a walk?

Yes! Once your dog has completed training, he can be taken outside of the yard, BUT the Dog Guard receiver collar must be taken off before putting the leash on.

How do I know the DOG GUARD® system is functioning?

Our transmitter has three colored indicator lights. The power and loop lights should be on all the time, while the fault light will only come on in the event of an electrical surge or lightning damage.

Are DOG GUARD® batteries rechargeable?

They are not. Rechargeable batteries, while a good idea, do not suit the purpose of a good pet containment system. To be most effective, rechargeable batteries need to be totally drained before recharging. What do you do while the battery is recharging? How do you know when the battery is sufficiently drained? To save our customers from worrying about these questions, we offer a battery plan.

What makes DOG GUARD® better than any other system?

Here are some facts you may want to consider when comparing our product with any other product on the market:

Why should I buy DOG GUARD®?

Everyone at Dog Guard, from the manufacturer to the dealers, has your pet’s safety in mind. From the moment you purchase a Dog Guard pet containment system, you can rest assured that your dog is in good hands with our knowledgeable dealers and trainers and our skilled technicians. From equipment support when you have questions about your system, to moral support when you just don’t know what to do with your pet, we will be with you every step of the way. If you love your dog and want to keep them safe and happy, Dog Guard is for you.

What is the difference between your product DOG GUARD® and what I can purchase at Walmart or PetSmart?

Dog Guard offers a complete package and not a do it yourself kit. We come to your house and install the system and help train you to train your pet. We offer a much more extensive warranty on the equipment than you will find at most retail stores. The wire we use in the installation of your system is “underground rated” and made to last when buried underground. Our equipment is flexible enough to contain the smallest and largest of pets without harming them. Our signals are “smart” so that pets are not corrected unnecessarily in areas of stray signals, such as near large metal objects like air conditioning units and satellite television receptors.

I have heard that some of these systems do not work on all pets. What should I be looking for?

You want a system that is backed by a manufacturer that can be contacted whenever there is a problem. Some pets train quicker than others and some pets cannot be trained at all. In general, the amount of correction must be greater than the level of distraction. The correction is not harmful, but it must be effective enough so your pet learns to respect its boundaries.

How many pets can I have on this system?

We have a customer who has more than twenty-eight dogs on the system at one time, and they are contained in a three-acre area. The Dog Guard System is flexible enough to handle just about any number of pets in an area as large as 50 acres.

What happens when there is a power failure?

You have the option to purchase a battery backup similar to what a home computer might use. This product will give your system hours of additional time until the power is restored.

How much does a system cost?

Dog Guard costs much less than traditional fencing, such as a vinyl fence, aluminum fence or chain link fence. More importantly, a Dog Guard pet containment system has none of the maintenance and aesthetic problems. The final cost can vary, depending on the size of the property and the number of dogs on the system. However, we work directly with the manufacturer, so there are no middleman costs, and the cost of your Dog Guard system may be lower than you think.

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